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Groq Establishes New Business Unit and Acquires Definitive Intelligence, an AI Chip Startup

The business and government sectors are targets for Groq, a company making chips that execute generative AI models more quickly than traditional hardware.

The ecosystem of customers and developers for Groq will significantly expand thanks to Groq Systems, a new company it has founded. Today, we made this announcement. Groq Systems is able to assist businesses and government entities in their pursuit of data center expansion or consolidation by providing them with Groq processors for use in their current infrastructure.

The new division is the result of Groq’s acquisition of Definitive Intelligence, a Palo Alto-based company that provides various AI solutions for businesses. These products include chatbots, data analytics tools, and documentation builders, among others. Users have access to Groq’s cloud-hosted accelerators, code samples, and documentation through GroqCloud, under the direction of former Definitive Intelligence CEO Sunny Madra. Users may also self-serve their API needs on this platform.

In a news statement, Jonathan Ross, co-founder and CEO of Groq, expressed the company’s dedication to building an AI economy that is inexpensive and accessible to everyone with a great idea. To help us achieve this goal, we are pleased to have Sunny and his colleagues at Definitive Intelligence on board. The Definitive team is well-versed in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and marketing methods, and they have a history of generously sharing their knowledge with others.

Along with former EMC director of engineering Gavin Sherry, Madra co-founded Definitive Intelligence in 2022. Ford purchased Madra and Sherry’s cloud-based platform for linking mobility technologies, Autonomic, in 2018 before they launched Definitive Intelligence.

As an example of Definitive Intelligence’s business-focused GenAI offerings, there is OpenAssistants, an open-source library for building AI chatbots, and Advisor, a visualization generator that integrates with public and corporate datasets. Pioneer, an “autonomous data science agent” that can manage a wide range of data analytics jobs, including predictive modeling, is a top-tier product from Definitive.

Definitive Intelligence has successfully secured $25.5 million in venture funding prior to the acquisition.

“The world is just now realizing how important high-speed inference is to generative AI,” Madra said in an emailed statement. Here at Groq, we’re equipping developers with the low latency, efficiency, and speed they need to fulfill the promise of generative AI. I’m excited to be a part of Jonathan and the Groq team’s mission to build the world’s fastest inference engine, since I’ve been a huge fan of Groq ever since we first met in 2016.

They first unveiled the inference engine for language processing units (LPUs) in 2016. The company asserts that their LPU can execute OpenAI’s GPT-4 and ChatGPT, two architecturally comparable big language models, ten times faster.

Ross co-invented the tensor processing unit (TPU), a custom-built artificial intelligence accelerator chip used for model training and execution. This is his main credential.

Following their 2022 purchase of Maxeler Technologies—a provider of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence infrastructure solutions—Groq has acquired Definitive Intelligence. This may not be the last one. There is a lot of competition in the market for bespoke AI chips, so it’s evident that Groq wants to have a head start before its competitors do. The definitive acquisition may be a sign of this.

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