April 18, 2024

YouTube now allows actors and musicians to request the removal of their deepfakes.  

YouTube will be implementing new measures in the next few months to tackle the misuse of AI and disinformation. Deepfakes are a major problem, and the new restrictions aim to make AI-made videos more transparent. YouTube has rendered it “possible to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content that simulates an identifiable individual, including their face or voice.”

The YouTube privacy request process allows users to voice their desire for content removal, but the platform takes into consideration factors including satire and the likelihood of unique identification (e.g., a prominent figure) when making a judgment.

Content that uses artificial intelligence to replicate an artist’s voice can also be removed upon request from the musician or their representative. At the same time as these regulations are being implemented, deepfakes like Civitai, which promote sexualized recreations of powerful women, are becoming more popular and circulated.

Videos on YouTube will be more easily removed, and the platform will also make it easier to identify and remove synthetic or changed content. If creators do not share this information, they may be subject to consequences such as suspension from the YouTube Partner Program and the removal of their content. YouTube makes a bold statement by saying it will reach out to creators about the new tool before it launches.

Upon viewing, a large banner will appear in the description, informing the reader that the content has been “altered or synthetic” and providing an option to seek further information. Artificial intelligence (AI) videos may still be removed from YouTube if they include intentionally upsetting content, even with correct labeling.

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